When we started out in our automotive repair business 6 years ago we knew we needed some insurance, exactly what insurance we didn’t know.
It was at that time a friend recommended the team at Ruys & Co, you know what they say about first impressions, well this was one of those moments. Trevor, Sandy and the whole team came across as professional and knowledgeable, and were more than willing to discuss our business and explain the types, and level, of insurance we were going to need.

As the business has grown from 3 employees to the 15 we currently have, the team at Ruys & Co have been with us every step of the way, in fact always one step ahead. Trevor has always been vigilant and keeping up with the trend in our business and take the side of caution when making recommendations. Its this experience in the industry that has come to the forefront of our dealings with Trevor and his team recently as we experienced one of those “it will never happen to us” situations, we are in the middle of a period of serious business interruption where some of the most unusual scenarios have played out after the adjoining business to ours burnt down, leaving us with no premises to operate out of and some major challenges ahead.

Its is at a time like this that you fully appreciate all the experience, knowledge and professional advice that Ruys & Co have provided, right from visiting the scene on the day of the fire to offer support and once again expert advice, through to going well above and beyond what would be expected, to initially assist in dealing with the claim and the loss adjusters, to then assisting us to appoint a claim preparation team and ensuring that the transition went smoothly and continues to keep on track to give us the very best outcome for our business and ultimately assisting us in getting back operating to full capacity, with minimal disruption and the without the misconceptions associated in dealing with insurance companies, which we 100% attribute to using a insurance broker that has the reputation that Ruys & Co does.

It is without any hesitation that we would recommend Ruys & Co to absolutely anyone who is in need of any insurances.