Commercial Insurance

We can offer comprehensive policies that provide cover for accidental damage to your vehicle, as well as damage to third party vehicles or property caused by you or the driver of your vehicle, where you are legally liable for the costs.

Your policy can also be extended to include cover for costs you may incur to hire another vehicle while yours is being repaired.

We can also source specialized cover for truck fleets, long haul freight, taxis, couriers, contracting and farm vehicles including tractors and trailers.

Material damage

Cover for your property loss or damage. Protecting your major assets which includes; building, plant and equipment, office contents and equipment and stock of trade.

Business interruption insurance

The most critical cover for any business is to maintain continuity of income to a business following loss from natural disasters, fires, flooding or other events that may interrupt your normal business operation. Business interruption insurance is not only for loss of profits, but also for the additional cover of increased costs as a result of the disruptive event and includes the costs to prepare and calculate the claim to the Insurer.

Vehicle insurance.

Whether it’s a single vehicle used for business or a commercial fleet, we can help you secure the right insurance.

Professional indemnity insurance.

This covers you if you provide advice or designs in your professional capacity that may lead to claims against you if things go wrong.

Directors' and Officers' Liability.

Cover for the financial protection and legal advice if you are subject to personal litigation in respect of allegations of wrong doing in your capacity as a director or officer of the company.

Liability insurance.

Liability insurance manages litigation risks for your business.  It includes products such as; Public Liability, Statutory Liability and Employers Liability.

Public liability insurance.

This covers you for third party accidental property damage you’re legally liable for.

Statutory liability insurance.

This covers your defence costs and any fines or penalties imposed for innocent and unintentional breaches of Acts of Parliaments.

Employer liability insurance.

This protects the business from personal injury claims by an employee that aren’t covered by ACC.

Construction Insurance.

Contract Works insurance covers sudden and accidental physical loss or damage that occurs to the insured works, during the period of insurance, such as fire, storm, flood and earthquake, theft, vandalism, arson. This can cover the construction of buildings, houses and even boats and also buildings/houses undergoing renovations.

Business life & health insurance.

Key personnel are essential to a business and its longevity.  Protect your business against the potential effect of key staff becoming unable to work and the impact financially to the business.

Our company has an association with SmartAdvice. Refer to the attached link.

Marine Cargo.

Moving your goods around the world and within NZ can be a risky business. Loss or damage to these goods can be critical to the success of your business.  This also applies to domestic contents while moving.

Cyber Insurance.

This product is relatively new to the insurance market. It is a specialist solution to risks associated with data breaches.  It covers the company costs related to the date breach, the expert advice on system security, data recovery, crisis management, public relations and legal costs.


Rural Insurance

We know and understand the farming requirements. It’s a business, so talk to us today about protection of your valuable assets for your business operation, whether it is a Dairy Farm, Sheep, Beef or Lifestyle we have a package that can suit your needs.

We provide specific packages for Farm Owners, Share Milkers and Contract Milkers.  We can protect you for your:

  • Farm Buildings
  • Plant
  • Farm Vehicles, Tractors and Machinery
  • Farmers Liability Insurance
  • House
  • Contents
  • Boat

Domestic Insurance

Are your assets covered?  House, contents, vehicles, boat and caravan, these might just be your greatest assets.  You never know when the unexpected will happen.  Talk to us today about the options to ensure cover is in place when you need it.

It is important to have cover for all your treasured items.
There are options to suit your needs available for your:

  • House
  • Contents
  • Boat
  • Caravan / Motor homes

Ask us about your options.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must when you are overseas. We can provide insurance for all your travel needs, emergency assistance and contacts if something should happen to you while you are overseas.

Travel insurance doesn’t just cover your medical bills while you are away, but also:

  • Loss of luggage
  • Medical expenses
  • Disrupted travel costs and should the worst happen, your return journey home
  • Liability while you are overseas

Ask us about your options.


Motor Insurance

Whether it’s a single vehicle used for business or  private, or a commercial fleet, we can help you secure the right insurance.

Motor vehicle insurance covers your private vehicles such as your car, motorbike or trailer. The option of choosing your level of cover may vary in your requirements at the time:

  • Full cover provides protection for damage to your car and your liability for damage you cause to third parties.
  • Third party fire and theft covers your liability for damage you cause to third parties, and also fire and theft of your car.
  • Third party only covers your liability for damage you cause to third parties, but does not provide any cover for your car.

Talk to us also about ‘high risk’ drivers and cars. We can also provide cover for, so whether you have had a number of previous convictions or accidents, or have a highly modified car, we can always find a solution to meet your needs.


Marine Insurance

Marine insurance for a commercial operation, covers you for the accidental loss or damage to your boat, including salvage costs and third party protection. 

Marine is for commercial insurance as opposed to private pleasure craft insurance.

Talk to us about your:

  • Commercial fishing charter boat
  • Marine construction
  • Transit Insurance.  Marine cargo

Life & Health

The most traumatic and devastating time in your life can be the death or serious illness of you or partner….  it will be hard enough to deal with at the time, but we can be there to help.

Whether it is the death of a loved one or a critical illness, the financial stress, more often than not, is substantial. The situation itself is difficult to deal with and having cover in place for when the unexpected happens in life provides you with time and the finances to make decisions on your time.

The purpose of Risk Insurance is to provide your family or business with peace of mind that the financial obligations are taken care of when unexpected events occur such as death or the inability to work and generate an income. It helps to put the right amount of money in the right hands at a time when it is needed the most.

We work alongside Steve Marsden at Lime Group.  Steve is a highly experienced insurance advisor and respected in this sector of business.

Please contact us or Steve Marsden directly at

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Feel free to contact us if you require any further help!

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